Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is NSA unique and different from other forms of care?

    The simplest way to address this question is an answer by Dr. Donald Epstein?

    “Let me tell you about Arthur who came to my office in a lot of pain. His body was bent to one side. He was using a cane and he couldn't even sit. I told him I understood he was in a lot of pain but I could do nothing for it, nor would I attempt to. I was going to help his nervous system function more effectively. I found the interference needing adjustment in his upper cervicals and the results were dramatic. Within seconds Arthur's spinal posture began to shift, he placed his cane on the floor and sat up comfortably. He then started speaking of his brother's death in Vietnam. The second time I saw Arthur I adjusted another cervical vertebra and he reexperienced a fight he had with his father. His reaction was not solicited. It spontaneously came up when his nervous system became freed. When Arthur stood up he said, "The pain is gone". Within a short time, Arthur felt better than he had in years; his recurrent spinal problems stopped.”

  • How long does it take to get results?

    Patients have reported positive results as soon as from their first entrainment. Individual results vary based on the nature and severity of the health concern.

  • What can I expect during my first visit?

    Your first visit is one and half hours long. It will consist of a full consultation, examination, NSA entrainment and SRI. When deemed necessary, X-ray or laboratory testing will be recommended. Should a medical evaluation be necessary, you will be referred to your personal primary care physician.

  • Is it painful?

    No. NSA is very gently and does not hurt.

  • Will I hear a pop or crack sound in my neck or back?

    No. NSA does not produce a crack or pop sound.

  • Do you use any instrument on the spine?

    There are no invasive instruments used and no massage. NSA care is provided through a practitioner's hand guided by training and experience.

  • How is NSA care provided?

    NSA care is provided through 3 levels of care with specific goals and outcome assessments for each level of care. Using gentle contacts along the spine, called entrainments, the NSA practitioner seeks to create new ways for the spine, nervous system and the individual to operate. From these strategies, two unique "healing waves" develop – waves that create spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions.

  • What happens during an entrainment?

    During an entrainment, the brain and body shift to a more peaceful and energetic state. The goal is always to help the person's body become aware of its own self-healing abilities, and experiencing the two healing waves is an important part of the process. People who receive this work find greater self-awareness and conscious awakening of the relationship between their body, mind and emotions. This is wellness – and it changes your life.

  • Why an open treatment room?

    When one person experiences a healing change in their body or a shift in consciousness, others often do as well. Receiving care with others in the same room accelerates our healing process and allows us to realize that we are not separate but are connected to each other in more ways than we are aware of. At appropriate times, due to the sensitive condition of the patient, treatment will be provided individually. At our office, we maintain a policy that your treatment is complete when you are complete. Having an open treatment room allows us to provide you the time you need for your treatment to be complete.

  • How does NSA help with ADHD, Psoriasis, or Asthma?

    See research on NSA:

  • Should children receive NSA care?

    When you see a lot of problem adults have resulting from youth, it makes sense to start NSA care as early in life as possible. In addition to the physical tumbles and falls, what we may not see is the mental and emotional strain along their way to adulthood. Children may not have the means to verbalize their discomfort. But a trained NSA practitioner can feel how that strain is carried in their spine. NSA care helps children to meet that tension and release it in a safe way without having to keep that tension through spinal distortion.

  • What kind of conditions do you treat?

    All kinds of conditions that comes with a spine! It is important to know that in NSA care, we are not fixing or removing symptoms. Rather we are attempting to improve the function of your nervous system so that you can better manage your conditions.

  • What is lifetime wellness care?

    Lifetime wellness care is care provided to an individual who may have started because of pain or other physical symptom. As pain and symptom decreases, this individual discovers an increased sense of wellbeing within oneself. Recognizing that there is more to health than the mere absence of pain and symptom, this individual is motivated to take responsibility for his or her lifetime wellness. Working in partnership with a health care provider, to experience greater and greater depths of his or her own untapped potential - Increased resourcefulness, perception, experience of freedom and peacefulness within and without to name a few.

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