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The Satori Spinal Wisdom, LLC Story

The Path to Our Office

Before Chiropractic school, while traveling, a fellow traveler recommended a great book “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman. It is a story of how a Japanese coach skillfully guided an elite, willful and injured gymnast to rehabilitate his mind, body and spirit. Each time the gymnast embodied a key principle that elevated him from ignorance, the coach would express approval by saying “Satori,” which means “awakening” in Japanese.

As Dr. Siow read the book, she was profoundly touched and inspired by the skill and wisdom of the coach. She gleaned that at the core of any successful health care approach was the mind, body, spirit connection and more than any tool or technique, it is ultimately the relationship between the healer and healed that makes all the difference.

Understanding the Mind/Body Connection

Years later while practicing NetworkSpinal as a chiropractor, Dr. Siow noticed that as patients’ spines got healthier, they spontaneously expressed insightful perceptions. She observed her patients discover how their past choices, habits and behaviors led them to suffer from their current loss of health and what is needed to reclaim health from the inside out.

This led to Dr. Siow’s practice name, which reflects the experience of her patients. One might argue it’s less a name for a practice and more a mission for Dr. Siow’s career!

I decided on it because in life, not all great experiences are apparent at first glance. NetworkSpinal can certainly be one of those experiences that only gets better through the passage of time.”



An Integrated Approach

There is no single solution that will suit everyone. Rather than focus on getting rid of pain and symptoms, we seek to establish a strong foundation for health by addressing:

  • Structure and function of the spine
  • Health of the nervous system
  • Lifestyle and diet
  • Mental and emotional health

Re-Claim Your Health

Our many tools work together synergistically to help you make a change. Learn more by contacting us today!


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