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You may have some questions that you’d like answers to before scheduling an appointment. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

What can I expect during my first two visits?

Your first and second visits are 90 minutes each.

Your first visit will consist of a full consultation and chiropractic examination. When deemed necessary, X-ray or laboratory testing will be recommended.

In your second visit, you will receive a report of findings from the results gathered from visit 1.

Once determined that we can accept you as a patient, we will discuss your care recommendations with you.

How long does it take to get results?

Patients have reported positive results as soon as they receive their first treatmnent/entrainment. Individual results vary based on the nature and severity of the health concern.

Is it painful?

No. NetworkSpinal care is very gentle and non-invasive.

Will I hear a pop or crack sound in my neck or back?

No. NetworkSpinal care does not produce a crack or pop sound.

Do you use any instrument on the spine?

NetworkSpinal care is provided through a practitioner’s hand guided by training and experience. There are no invasive instruments used and no massage.

How is NetworkSpinal (NS) care provided?

NS is provided through three levels of care with specific goals and outcome assessments for each level. Using gentle contacts along the spine called entrainments, the NS practitioner seeks to create new ways for the spine, nervous system and the individual to operate. From these strategies, two unique “healing waves” develop – waves that create spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions.

What happens during an entrainment?

During an entrainment, the brain and body shift to a more peaceful and energetic state. The goal is always to help the person’s body become aware of its own self-healing abilities, and experiencing the two healing waves is an important part of the process. People who receive this work find greater self-awareness and conscious awakening of the relationship between their body, mind and emotions. This is wellness – and it changes your life.

Why do you have an open treatment room?

When one person experiences a healing change in their body or a shift in consciousness, others often do as well. Receiving care with others in the same room accelerates our healing process and allows us to realize that we are not separate but are connected to each other in more ways than we are aware of. At appropriate times, due to the sensitive condition of the patient, treatment will be provided individually. At our office, we maintain a policy that your treatment is complete when you are complete. Having an open treatment room allows us to provide you the time you need for your treatment to be complete.

What is lifetime wellness NetworkSpinal (NS) care?

Lifetime wellness NS care is care provided to individuals who may have started because of pain or other physical symptoms and has progressed to discover an increased sense of wellbeing within oneself through individual responsibility..

Working in partnership with a NS provider, one can experience greater and greater depths of his or her own untapped potential – Increased resourcefulness, perception, experience of freedom and peacefulness within and without to name a few.

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