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New Patients at Satori Spinal Wisdom, LLC

Helping You Improve Your Wellness

Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation to determine if receiving care from our office is a fit for you.

Satori Spinal Wisdom, LLC is here to help you improve your wellness in body, mind and spirit. Our integrated approach looks at you as an individual to determine how best to support you. Below, you can read about what to expect from your first steps in your journey to health with us.

Please begin by completing the paperwork you’ll find online, which allows Dr. Siow to review your case before you arrive.

First Visit

When you arrive, you and Dr. Siow will sit down to discuss your health concerns. Once you determine that receiving care at our office is a fit for you, your next step will be to receive a full chiropractic examination. We utilize electromyographic scans and computerized posture evaluation to evaluate the health of your spine and nervous system.

Second Visit

This is the most important visit because Dr. Siow will review the results from your examination including any x-ray findings. You will experience your first NetworkSpinal adjustment and receive recommendations for care thereafter.

Third Visit

Congratulations! You are on your journey to health with our family here at Satori Spinal Wisdom, LLC!

Chiropractic Care and a Healthier You

When your spine and nervous system are in good shape, you will find it easier to attain the health and lifestyle you are seeking. Contact us today to get started!


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