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How a Healthy Spine Contributes to a Healthy Heart

woman-holding-heart-sq400Forget the chocolate, flowers and fancy overpriced cards this Valentine’s Day. Instead, why not give your loved one chiropractic care to help keep their heart healthy? As February is also American Heart Health Month, now’s a fantastic time to focus on the connection between heart health and chiropractic care.

Did you know that the heart and thoracic spine are linked? That’s why chiropractic is beneficial. As an organ made of muscle, the heart has many functions. The heart muscle pumps blood throughout the body and receives blood from the rest of the body. The function of the pumping is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, and specifically the vagus nerve.

Keeping the Flow Going

The vagus nerve starts at the upper cervical region and continues all the way down to the thoracic region. That’s why maintaining the health of the cervical and thoracic spine will help ensure the nerve message is flowing accurately.

The whole principle of chiropractic is that when your spine is aligned, and not putting pressure on the nerve, that nerve flow can do its job. Chiropractic is founded on that principle: look to the spine for your health. When your spine is healthy, your nervous system is healthy, and the organs, including your heart, are healthy too!

I began receiving treatment from Dr. Siow three weeks before heart surgery. We worked on my thoracic spine and breathing exercises to loosen and energize the muscle and connective tissue of my chest. Her techniques helped me breath energy into this area in advance of the surgery to prep for the surgical trauma. After my surgery, I felt like just three weeks worth of treatment was beneficial and I’m already recovering faster than I did from a previous heart surgery six years ago. The techniques Dr. Siow utilizes and teaches enable you to extend the benefits of treatment beyond a visit with her but into your daily life.

-Dennis P

Gentle Network Spinal Care

Think chiropractic care must involve getting “cracked” to be effective? Not so! The approach we use at the practice is Network Spinal Care, which is gentle and noninvasive. This technique helps reset the neural communication of the brain and body. Using a very gentle touch, this method allows the brain to shift out of defense into safety. Doing so de-stresses the entire nervous system. Then through very specific contact modulation, we train the brain to perceive and re-organise spinal tension patterns.

Other Services for Heart Health You’ll Love

In addition to chiropractic care, Satori Spinal Wisdom, LLC offers nutrition counseling and breathing exercises. The heart is also an organ that houses subtle channels for nutrition, mental thoughts and emotion.

Nutrition counseling

We are well aware of choosing food grown naturally and free of pesticides. However, it is just as important to know when, how and what food to consume. Dr. Siow can advise patients on diet and nutrients needed for optimal heart health.

Proper breathing

Breath has a subtle connection to the mind and emotion. Breath is also a source of energy and we breathe all day without even thinking about it. When you can have control and skill around your breath, you can calm your mind. A calm mind helps to settle emotions. Both of which reduce stress on the heart.

Dr. Siow teaches patients how to breathe properly to maximize energy, calm the mind and stabilize emotions.

This month, give yourself and those you love the gift of heart health and wellness.

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