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Replenish Your Body With Sufficient Sleep

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Getting enough shut-eye can help your body be at its best. Find out more.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it’s particularly important to get the nourishing sleep you need to shield your body from the effects of stress. These effects can come from traveling, interacting with family, and juggling the various social events on a busy calendar.

When you have more energy due to good sleep, you can think clearly and have greater tolerance for stressful situations.

The Importance of Downloading Your Day

Dr. Siow finds that many of her patients go to bed late and wake up tired. Get your morning off to a good start by going to bed at an optimal time, which is 10 p.m. That’s because your body goes through a clean-up process between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Think about it this way- It’s not just food, but inputs from the day that need to be processed. “All the impressions received throughout the day will be refiled from a temporary to a permanent file freeing up temporary storage capacity in the brain for the next day,” said Dr. Siow.

Many times people don’t get to bed early enough, so the information from the day doesn’t have enough time to get downloaded, much like a computer. So then they wake up exhausted in the morning, because input from the previous day has not been fully downloaded.

Some people think if they can go to bed late, they can wake up late and still get eight hours of sleep, and think that’s fine. There’s a difference between sleeping at the right time, which flows with the sun and the moon, and thinking you can just clock in eight hours of sleep at different times of the day, and be good to go.

The Best Time to Get Your Sleep in

The energy from the moon is cooling and restorative, and the energy from the sun is heating and stimulating. There’s a subtle quality of sleep in the night, which is different from the quality of sleep in the day. You can better rest at night, rather than trying to fit in eight hours once the sun has risen. The best time to rest is 48 minutes after sunset and 48 minutes before sunrise.

When you wake up in the morning and have fresh energy, even if you have something stressful to deal with, you have better energy to handle it. You might have more capacity to come up with different ways of looking at things.

Sleep Is Your Best Medicine

Some people have trouble sleeping because their back hurts even to lie flat and/or their hips or neck hurt when they turn in the night. One of Dr. Siow’s patients purchased multiple beds, only to realize that it wasn’t her bed, but her back that needed attention. In the same way, mothers have reported that their babies sleep longer and soundly after their babies receive an NSA entrainment.

Be sure to check out Dr. Siow’s blog on the best sleep positions and tips for getting sound slumber.

How Chiropractic Care Fosters Slumber

Network Spinal Care allows your nervous system to relax and down-regulate, freeing up muscles and joints, so that sleep can occur.

It’s very natural for people to incorporate yoga and exercise to manage their stiffness and pain for better sleep. If pain and stiffness persists, it’s a sign that spinal evaluation may be necessary. The good news is that chiropractic adjustments can help.

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